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Turkey Air Ambulance Service

Turkey air ambulance service; provides the fastest solution by the latest technology for medical evacuations where not only minutes but also seconds matter.

People You Care are Safe with Turkey Air Ambulance Service

One of the implementations of developing technology in the field of health care, the ambulance aircraft service offers the medical service you deserve. Equipped with streamlined, technological medical devices, air ambulances enable miraculous survivals of patients in emergency conditions where seconds count under the supervision of professional doctors and nurses.

24/7 Limitless Service

Air ambulance service is always at your side whether you need a planned evacuation or an emergency transportation. Providing limitless service to any point in Turkey, Plures Air also offers unrestricted ambulance services for international patient evacuations from a hospital to another or returning flights to Turkey.

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Air Ambulances are the Fastest Medical Transportation Services.

The utilization of jet aircrafts in World War I for transferring wounded soldiers to hospitals has paved the way for the air ambulance services of today. The service which is undoubtedly one of the fastest, safest and the most comfortable solutions in medical evacuations as well as emergency conditions was first brought in Turkish health system with private incitements in the beginning of the year 2000.

Air ambulance service gains you minutes or even hours conducting patient or organ transportation between the nearest airports available. You can leave your before and after flight transportations to our experienced team as well.

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People You Care are Safe with Plures Turkey Air Ambulance Services

One of the leading companies of Turkey, Plures Air renovates itself every other day in order to perfect the service it provides to you and the people you care. Professional doctors and nurses accompany your air ambulance flights with experienced pilots and flight crew in a latest technology aircraft equipped with all vital medical devices. The fact that sometimes a second might save a life and a minute might considerably reduce the duration of a challenging treatment period lasting for months makes the air ambulances one of the vital tools of emergency health services.

Do not Venture Your Health

Air ambulances offer you the perfect service for health transportations such as medical evacuation flights within Turkey, international hospital transfers from Turkey, hospitalization of an emergency patient or fast travel in case of a disaster under the supervision of a professional health care team. Caring for the health of the people you care Plures air ambulance service allows patients to be safely transferred to their destinations under the supervision of professional health care team with streamlined medical equipments. The latest technology jet ambulance aircrafts which move faster than voice on the other hand prevent any negative impact the flight might cause on the patients. The critical and miraculous returns during an emergency transfer are the perfect harmony of the unification of more than ten years of experience with speed.

Contact us in case you demand Turkey air ambulance services conducted by aircrafts that can move faster than voice in any wheather condition.


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