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Air Freight Iata Agency Turkey

Plures is an IATA certified air transportation agency offering services in various fields such as aircraft charters, flight ticket sales and air cargo transportation in the aviation industry. Plures realizes your air transportation operations under IATA guarantee within the frame of international regulations.

What is an IATA Air Cargo Agency / Member?

The best summary of the definition of IATA could be made as "the certification of reliability in air transportation". Since 1945, IATA operates globally in order to ensure economic and safe flights. Choosing to work with IATA agencies such as Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ) on the other hand, continues to be a factor of safety preferred by the conscious clients of air transportation services.

What does IATA do?

Utilized for traveling a distance or delivering cargo frequently, air transportation requires auditing mechanisms regarding its reliability and efficiency. The International Air Transportation Association, IATA undertakes a crucial task within the industry in this respect. Representing 260 airlines worldwide and the 83 % of the total air traffic globally, IATA also operates as a great enterprise in the sector. Reinforcing most of the aviation operations, and offering analytic formulas in critical subjects, IATA successfully sustains its mission of being an important reassurance for the customers of air transportation services.

In order to ensure safer, more efficient and economic flights, IATA provides professional assistance to its accredited air cargo agencies such as Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ). Hence it audits the conformity of the agencies with its set of regulations, and prevents potential problems that can be experienced in airway transportation by providing periodic trainings.

Does IATA vary depending on the country it operates?

Operating by the mission of "Global Development, Local Delivery", IATA manages its central office in Canada by a system which is constructed in global standards, while assigning its cross-country executions to its local offices.

What are IATA principles for air cargo transportation?

Supporting this critical industry with respect to reliability and sustainability, IATA continually improves the global standards and tools in air transportation. In addition to the financial services it provides, IATA also offers industrial solutions, and leads transformation projects. Fulfilling its pioneering role, IATA organizes campaigns and social welfare activities in this respect. The priorities of IATA air cargo strategies are collected under 10 main subjects.

1- Enhancing Safety

Safety is the primary priority of IATA.

The transportation of some dangerous goods (hazardous materials) without the contemplated regulations can risk the safety of the aircraft as well as the passengers and the flight crew. For cargo aircrafts, these dangerous goods (DGR) can only be taken aboard in limited amounts and in accordance with the specified regulations for airliners. Units and accessories designed in global standards (such as fire-resistant containers) are required to be used for the transportation of dangerous goods. The deliveries you prefer to make with Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ) will be realized by taking all the essential safety precautions in line with IATA norms.

2- Improving Security

The safety precautions being effective and efficient has a critical importance for IATA. The local governments also audit the measures increasing the safety by improving the surveillance in air cargo transportation.

3- Producing Smarter Regulations

Air cargo industry requires smarter regulations. Arrangements which do not fit the dynamics of the industry, not only increase the costs but also slow down the transit times, straining air transportation's mission of promptness. Complying with the regulations determined by IATA, Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ) is a licenced air cargo agency which adopts the mission of providing the fastest service to its customers in the most economic conditions.

4- Re-enforcing cargo transportation

Air cargo industry is required to provide optimized, transparent, reliable and proactive operations and delivery companies for each and every type of cargo it handles. The optimization of the industry is not only a precaution to preserve the value of the cargo transportation, but at the same time it serves the customers by shortening the time of the delivery in line with the demands. Your air cargo deliveries will be handled with optimum procedures in ( Turkey / Istanbul ) Plures.

5- Sustaining the efficiency within the frame of global standards

The air cargo industry is based on some fundamental factors such as the efficient delivery of the cargo within the frame of global standards, the exchange of information and the systems of location. This is the main activity field of IATA, sustained in line with a strong mechanism of administration. Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ) is an air cargo agent which provides its clients services in global standards.

6- Modernizing the air cargo transportation

The air cargo transportation industry operates in an electronic environment, hence IATA aims to make the high-quality data of the sector accessible to all the related shareholders and clients with full transparency and availability. The airway industry is a pioneer in the utilization of technology. The modernization of the inefficiencies of the current procedures, and the implementation of this modernization by the air cargo companies, are among the top priorities of IATA. Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ) is an agency that applies modernized IATA procedures to the slightest details.

7- Improving Quality

The air cargo industry is required to fully apply the quality standards. The objective of IATA is to turn "quality" into a keyword for the sector within the following 5 years, and to push on the work of increasing the quality and the reliability of its services. IATA has undertaken a serious mission in this respect. Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ) on the other hand, conscious of being an IATA certified air cargo agency, adopts a service manner of the highest quality for its clients.

8- Protecting Cash

The aviation industry is a global field where thousands of companies and organizations are highly integrated together. The reliable and efficient chain of systems created on this network allows fund exchanges to be made. IATA systems are the backbone of the global air transportation. Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ) offers its clients economic solutions by the reliability of being a part of an international industrial network.

9- Creating Strong Partnership

The successful transformation of the sector and its sustainability gains meaning with joint efforts. Therefore, IATA is focused on strengthening the partnership relations in the sector of air transportation. As an IATA partner, Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ) is an agency that gains strength day by day.

10- Building Sustainability

The efficient solutions that are produced today are crucial for the sustainability of tomorrow. This issue is among the priorities of IATA. In line with the principles of IATA, Plures ( Turkey / Istanbul ) aims to serve its clients as a long-term partner.


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