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Private aircraft chartering service preferred by many individuals owing to the fact that it is a safer, faster and more comfortable way of transportation is being redefined under Plures Air exclusives. Plures Air is at your service with a professional team and a superior service quality for your personal worldwide flights.

Why Plures Air Private Aircraft Chartering?

Today where time is considered cash and days and hours pass swiftly away, Plures Air takes its clients a step ahead by private aircraft chartering services with more than 10 years of experience. Private aircraft service defines its contents according to the demands of its customers with high level of comfort and flexibility with respect to the time. You can utilize Plures Air private aircraft chartering service for your personal travels as well as emergency situations or freight deliveries.

An important amount of the aircrafts found in Plures Air fleet is rented personal or corporate aircrafts which belong to private individuals or companies. A genial and professional crew is ready for service at these private aircrafts of which regular maintenances are carried out meticulously.

Plures Air Always Ahead in Private Aircraft Charters

Analyzing its clients requirements in a right way, Plures Air offers the most suitable aircraft for service. After the assigning of the right aircraft with respect to the factors such as the number of passengers, flight destination and its distance, travel points etc. individuals can conduct their private flights on the planned dates without wasting time for the hustle of ordinary flight procedures. It is also possible to arrange one-way or round-trips according to your requirements at the comfort of your home.

What kind of an aircraft would you like?

1. Private Jet Aircraft Charters

Plures Air, offers 24/7 private jet aircraft chartering services which can respond to any kind of customer requirement. Offering four different jet chartering options: light, midsize, heavy and ultra long range depending on the number of passengers and flight destination, Plures Air always keeps quality at first place. The jet aircrafts at Plures fleet have capacities of 4-5-8; 7-10; 15-20-30; 50 and more passengers which enables the conduction of the most suitable flights for customer demands.

2. Ambulance Aircraft Charters

The ambulance aircrafts which are preferred at times when highway transportation causes time problems, for conditions which require emergency hospitalization and for organ transportations that race with minutes are members of Plures Air fleet as well. By the agreements contracted with many health institutions worldwide, Plures Air administers medical air evacuations providing 24/7 accessible service in this field in addition to offering private ambulance aircraft chartering services for individuals.

In any situation requiring medical assistance Plures Air is just a call away with an experienced team.

3. Passenger Aircraft Charters

Chartering a private passenger aircraft from Plures Air is the first step to perfect any of your domestic or international flights. The very first expectations of individuals who do not wish to experience any problems in their flights are a comfortable travel in luxury aircrafts and high levels of quality. Plures Air is one of the unique companies which are capable of providing these expectations to their clients. Offering 24/7 accessible service, Plures Air promises a flight of perfection with 37 to 450 passenger capacity private aircrafts.

4. Cargo Aircraft Charters

Plures Air fulfills domestic and international client expectations profoundly with cargo aircraft chartering services. You can conduct safe and secure freight transportations chartering a cargo aircraft from Plures Air when cargo companies fail to meet your requirements. Analyzing destination, content and the time features of your freight, Plures Air offers the most suitable freight aircraft for your choice. Always standing beside its clients and supporting them, Plures Air provides practical solutions for worldwide cargo demands.

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