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Plures Air serves thousands of corporations operating in different fields and regions with cargo aircraft chartering services. Offering cargo aircraft chartering options in various fields such as charitable help foundations, food, clothes, construction, petroleum and automotive, Plures works harder empowering its crew every other day in order to fulfill customer demands in the best and fastest way.

Cargo aircraft chartering services increasingly gain more importance in the field of aviation services. By the impact of globalization, time and speed has gained more value than ever this situation paved the way for the utilization of aviation services for freight transportations as well. Airway stands as a more advantageous way of transportation when compared to highway and seaway transfers and distinguishes itself from the two by various other superior qualities as well.

The Advantages of Cargo Aircraft Chartering Services

1. Cargo aircraft charters are frequently utilized for large capacity freight deliveries.

2. Cargo aircraft charters provide great advantages in urgent good or product deliveries with respect to sea or highway cargo transportations.

3. Air cargo is a much safer way for good or product deliveries in which the risk of damage is minimized.

4. Cargo aircraft charters offer much more economic prices for long distance freight transportations.

Cargo Aircraft Chartering Services General Fields of Utilization

Cargo aircraft charters enable the transportation of many products, goods, substances and machines which are generally divided into 3 main groups.

1. Transportation of Dangerous Substances

In addition to being very advantageous at many points when compared to highway or seaway deliveries, cargo aircrafts also allow individuals or companies to conduct such substance, product or vehicle deliveries which are otherwise impossibly hard to transport utilizing highway or seaway transportations.

Primarily for,

• Chemical substances,

• Explosive or flammable products and tools,

• Radioactive equipments

• Vehicle or engines with high possibility of explosion, burning or getting damaged

Cargo aircraft chartering services are frequently utilized for the transportations of hazardous, sensitive and risky equipment, substance and tools. A professional company in the transportation of dangerous freights, Plures Air owns the necessary background and a qualified crew as well.

2. Urgent Cargo Transportations

Cargo aircrafts play the most efficient role in transportations of urgent cargos in addition to being the most preferred transportation canal as well. Urgent cargo transportations occur when an urgent need for transportations such as follows arise;

• The supply of spare parts,

• Oil or gas distributions,

• The demands of airway or navy companies,

Cargo transportations are also utilized for personal purposes in addition to the demands of company or corporations. Acclaimed by its success in airway transportations, Plures Air also offers urgent cargo aircraft chartering services with aircrafts and a team ready at your service in couple hours in order to meet your demands as soon as possible.

3. Heavy Load Cargos

Heavy load cargos which are generally transported by seaways have demonstrated an increase in utilization of cargo aircrafts following the developments in airway transportation. The increase in the preference of cargo aircraft chartering services for urgent and heavy load cargos is due to the safe and the fast transportation airways provide.

Cargos including heavy load are generally as follows:

• Industrial spare parts, tools and equipments,

• All or spare parts of vehicles such as jeeps, helicopters and tractors,

• Construction equipments,

• Machines and tubes of great sizes,

• Large numbers of products in categories of food, clothes or electronics

Plures Air is one the mostly preferred aviation companies in cargo aircraft chartering services due to its rapid aircraft supply, flawless service procurement for any client demand and economic solutions.


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