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Charter Reservation

Following the principle of "24/7 safe and fast transportation" Plures Air Turkey aviation company offers aircraft chartering services and reservations for its clients day and night.

There are 4 Plures Air aircraft chartering options;

1. Jet Chartering:

Private jet aircrafts are categorized as short, mid-size, long and ultra-long ranges, which vary depending on the passenger capacity, cabin width and the equipment of the aircraft.

The chartered aircraft can land at desired airports at the desired dates. This way delays generated before and after flights are eliminated in your business or leisure travels.

2. Passenger Aircraft Chartering:

The passenger aircraft chartering service is generally preferred by group or corporate flights due to its larger passenger capacity compared to jet aircrafts. The type of passenger aircraft charters is the group chartering. In addition to a superior service quality, by private aircraft reservations groups who travel together may gain more economic advantage when compared to the rates of scheduled flights.

The group aircrafts of Plures Air vary depending on the purpose, passenger number, destination point and time. The passenger capacity options vary from 37 to 450 individuals. In addition, during your flight Plures Air offers a flawless boarding menu just like the way you demanded and world-class services for your additional requests.

3. Cargo Aircraft Chartering:

Plures Air operates in accordance with the dates, times and plans determined by clients for deliveries of special, sensitive and urgent cargos and provides 24/7 service for reservations. There are different models and capacities of aircrafts available suitable for every request. Any product trusted to cargo aircrafts will be safely delivered to its destination without any damage or break.

4. Ambulance Aircraft Chartering:

Ambulance aircraft charters are offered to service in order to enable the fast and safe transportation of emergency medical conditions from the nearest airport of the residing location to the airport nearest of the destination hospital where the patient is going to be treated when means of highway transportation remain inefficient. Air ambulances are vital aircrafts that gain time for their users and can be efficiently utilized in situations such as organ transportations, delivery, natural disasters, explosions and similar other accidents.

Aircraft Charters, Reservation Details

You may also experience the exclusive flight services of Plures Air for the best prices. For that you may reach Plures Air team at and request price and service information, support or make a reservation for your order.

On the other hand, you may as well use the request forms found on Plures Air website providing information about the desired aircraft type (jet, passenger, ambulance, cargo), number of passengers to attend your flight, departure and destination points of your flight and your additional service requests and get more detailed information or make a reservation for your order.


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The chartering assistants of Plures Air who provide 24/7 accessible service await you for a pleasant day in this beautiful city. Please contact us for more information and to benefit from Turkey private jet chartering service.

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