Emergency Charter
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Emergency Charter

A case of urgency? Plures provides urgent aircraft chartering services for all of your spontaneous flights. Plures Air allocates the most suitable aircraft for your demands in a very short time when you contact the company with an urgent aircraft chartering request. Plures Air offers private flights, patient evacuations, fast freighting, tour organizations and many other urgent services within the scope of urgent aircraft chartering services.

Private Aircraft Chartering Service for your Urgent Flights

In case you need to make an unexpected journey, the safest way to choose is the urgent jet aircraft chartering service provided by Plures Air. Plures Air promises its clients a comfortable, safe and fast travel by its latest technology private jets and professional service crew. Private jet aircraft chartering services which you may benefit for your business meetings or personal travels can be offered at your service much faster in case of an urgency. Your first private jet aircraft experience is going to be as flawless as to make Plures Air flights a tradition for your travels.

Emergency Air Ambulance Chartering Services for Emergency Patient or Organ Transportations

Plures Air is always just a call away especially in situations when time works against you such as patient evacuation or transportations. Emergency air ambulances are preferred for the evacuation of patients as the fastest and the safest way in conditions where highway transportation is either disadvantageous or not available. After Plures Air receives a call of emergency, the emergency air ambulances are prepared for service in a very short time. In addition to patient evacuation and transportations these aircrafts are also the fastest way to deliver organ transplantations to their required destinations. You can safely transport your patients and deliver organ transplants to their destinations on time benefiting from Plures Air emergency air ambulance chartering services.

Private Passenger Aircraft Charters for Urgent Tour Organizations

Another life hacking Plures Air service you may prefer for crowded tour flights on special occasions and organizations is the private passenger aircraft chartering service. You can solve all problems related to the details of transportation of your organization by chartering a private passenger aircraft. Whether for the boost in the number of individuals in your group or for a fast travel demand or even as a last resort you can utilize Plures Air private passenger aircrafts for all of your travels with a peace of mind.

Cargo Aircraft Chartering Service for Private and Urgent Cargos

By cargo aircraft charters Plures Air delivers all your urgent cargos to their recipients in the fastest way without any problems. Sharing long years of experience, Plures Air makes sure your private cargos safely arrive at their destinations.

Urgent or private utilize Plures Air cargo aircraft chartering services for all your freight deliveries without the slightest hesitation of deformation or delays. We are 24/7 beside you with all aircraft chartering services.


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The chartering assistants of Plures Air who provide 24/7 accessible service await you for a pleasant day in this beautiful city. Please contact us for more information and to benefit from Turkey private jet chartering service.

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