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Plures operates in every international airport in Turkey providing light, large and mid-size passenger aircraft chartering services. If you wish to conduct more personal and comfortable flights you can benefit from the Plures Air light passenger aircraft chartering services specially design for you and for the ones you care. Our company is capable of answering private aircraft chartering demands of larger groups and determined the model and the size of the aircraft according to the number of passengers attending the flight. The same way, Plures Air offers the most suitable aircraft model with alternative choices for smaller groups as well. This way, groups can travel in a more comfortable way for more economic prices.

A well-experienced and innovative company, Plures Air has brought many novelties to the world of aviation services allowing its clients to fly in a comfortable and relaxed way. We are capable of organizing flights on the required dates to any destination of your choice. Plures Air can answer even the most urgent flight plans in the desired way by an experienced and dedicated team. From the boarding menu to the dates and the destination of the flight, clients can plan every little detail of their travels in accordance with their preference and tastes.

Light Passenger Aircraft Charters for the Best Prices

Plures Air erases the misconception of private aircraft chartering being a luxury service with astronomically expensive prices. Private flights which focus on a more qualified service cost way less when the flights of large or small groups with scheduled airline services are taken into consideration let alone the flexible date opportunity and the VIP services private chartering offers its clients. Plures Air private flights and VIP services are conducted by experienced pilots and a qualified flight crew in a safe and peaceful way.

Anybody can benefit from private aircraft chartering services, however it is generally utilized by business men who seek comfort, football teams, musical and theater casts. Utilization of one of the large, light or mid-size aircrafts in accordance with the number of passengers considerably lowers the cost of flight. The logos of the companies can be represented on the seats as well as the body of the aircraft. Dedicated Plures Air team works to perfect every detail and without any delays offers anything that will please you.

You can contact us using our request forms in order to get price or service information and support on light or large passenger aircraft chartering services. For a right price calculation and the initiation of your light passenger aircraft charters please include the departure airport, landing airport, date and time information of the flight and the number of passengers in your request forms.


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The chartering assistants of Plures Air who provide 24/7 accessible service await you for a pleasant day in this beautiful city. Please contact us for more information and to benefit from Turkey private jet chartering service.

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