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Midsize Pax

In case neither large nor small aircrafts are convenient for you, you can choose the medium capacity passenger aircraft chartering services. Private aircraft chartering services have increasingly become popular. A well-known company of its sector, Plures Air has done the necessary actions and innovations in order to improve aircraft chartering services and increase the number of individuals benefiting from the service. Plures Air always aims for offering more qualified flight facilities to people from all strata with its provided services and innovations. Small, medium and large capacity aircrafts may be chartered by many people and corporations, ranging from theatre casts to cinema or company travels. Thanks to the services provided with cost effective prices, Plures, best-in-industry, provides preeminent customer satisfaction.

Customers who determine the flight hour and destination are also welcome to specify the treats to be delivered on the aircraft. Menus, treats and beverages that are organized in line with the demands and suggestions of the customers are applied in order to provide everything in the most convenient way for customers. Customers are ready to safely fly by the help of genial service personnel and experienced pilots.

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Groups who do not find commercial aircrafts services appealing and want to utilize private aircraft chartering service which is a cheaper alternative for group flights, can benefit from Plures Air services for which quality is a priority. Plures Air, the leader of the sector owing to the various services it offers in aviation industry, has plenty of services ranging from ambulance aircraft charters to cargo aircraft chartering services. Plures Air strives for a vast customer base by taking care of visa procedures and selling flight tickets as well. Call Plures Air Company now to get more information on large, small and medium-sized aircrafts.


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The chartering assistants of Plures Air who provide 24/7 accessible service await you for a pleasant day in this beautiful city. Please contact us for more information and to benefit from Turkey private jet chartering service.

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