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A distinguished company among Turkey-centered aviation companies, Plures provides 24/7 services.

Plures Air sustains its world-class services one step ahead from its counterparts. In case you need a private aviation company centered in Turkey and Middle-East please contact us.

Taking aviation related demands of you and your company as a responsibility on an individualistic and corporative level and providing you life-hack solutions, Plures Air helps you catch up with life's never stopping flow and never decelerating speed.

Our Services

Private Jet Chartering Services for 24 hours and 7 days

Non-stop operating with its private jets, Plures Air is 24/7 at your service. You may demand chartering services from any country of your choice.

Worldwide Medical Evacuations

Independent on the location and the condition of the patient, we are 24/7 at your side with a professional team and our latest technology ambulance aircrafts which are capable of offering any necessary medical intervention required during an emergency flight.

Aware of the fact that saving a life is way more important than any other doing, Plures Private Aviation Company offers world-class services for 24 hours and 7 days a week in critical situations such as patient evacuations and organ transportations.

Flight Ticket Sales

In addition to aircraft chartering services, Plures private aviation company provides flight ticket sales as well. Plures Air offers economic flight ticket sales with contracted airways and provides exclusive privileges to its corporate clients.

Plures Tourism

Plures Air offers creative and distinguished alternatives of private tourism services for every taste and vacation preference of its clients that include corporations, groups or individuals.

Providing its clients travel solutions for any kind of organization service they need such as film galas, support and charity nights, award ceremonies, outstanding programs, Olympics and various other sports competitions, Plures Air is the one for those who demand an All-in-One aviation company for their requirements.

Plures Air Cargo

You can benefit from the Air Cargo services of Plures for your international freight transportations and complete your doings by the convenience Plures Air Private Aviation Company offers you.

Plures Passenger Aircraft Charter

Providing solutions for tour agents, expedition organizers and organization companies as well, Plures Private Aviation Company offers passenger aircraft chartering services.

Visa; Plures follows your paper work with its corporative visa services and is capable of providing its individual and corporate clients with private and simplified visa services.

Travel Organizations

Offering solutions for all your questions and problems as well as organizing your travel both in an individualistic and corporative way by its travel organization services, Plures Air increases the efficiency of its clients' travels.

Plures offers passenger or jet aircraft chartering services for any group flight providing alternative solutions for customer demands. Plures Air is a private aviation company capable of providing its clients any kind of travel organization they prefer.

Guide; Plures Air, happy to share its knowledge and experience with its valuable customers; offers any kind of guidance services depending on customer demands.

Honeymoon & Vacation

In case you plan an exclusive, extraordinary and different vacation experience, definitely consider getting Plures vacation services. You can materialize your plans such as a surprise birthday party organization for your spouse or a romantic honeymoon program or even a motivation program you decided long ago for your senior employees, with Plures. Your plan, your imagination united with the qualified services of Plures; an excellent cooperation.

Meet Plures private aviation services to make the most special vacation or journey of your life more special with private jet aircraft chartering services.

What Distinguishes Plures?

In this post modern world where time flows thanks to Plures, not only all the details and the requirements you spend the most valuable fund of your life i.e. your time for are resolved from a single point but also you will experience the safety of having a credible and strategic partner at the same time. Enjoy your happy moments with your loved ones while Plures private aviation company takes on your every responsibility concerning aviation.

A private aviation company Plures; makes time a gift for you.


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The chartering assistants of Plures Air who provide 24/7 accessible service await you for a pleasant day in this beautiful city. Please contact us for more information and to benefit from Turkey private jet chartering service.

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