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Serving the world with world class services, Plures offers private jet charters for 2015 Turkey G-20 Summit. Plures is an acclaimed Turkish aviation company based in Istanbul, which has proven itself with its streamlined and superior services for over 10 years. Hosting world's one of the most important global events this year in Antalya, Turkey is considered the most dynamic member of G-20. Owing to the fact that Group of Twenty is an international forum which consists of 20 major economies of the world such as Turkey, Russia, China, Japan, France, Germany, Indonesia and United States, 2015 Antalya G-20 Summit is globally a very important event. The governments and the central bank governors of the member countries are brought together every year to discuss global economy. Providing reliable and qualified business jet chartering services for bureaucrats, politicians, diplomats and businessmen, our company offers private jet charters in Antalya G-20 Summit Turkey as well.

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Arriving at Turkey, Antalya airport with your private jet for the G-20 Summit offers many advantages in your favor. However, let Plures handle all the downsides of owning a business jet and charter one for yourself enjoying only the benefits. Being the most visited city of Turkey and the tenth in the world, Antalya already receives an intense guest flow. In addition to this fact, when the global event that will take place in the city is taken into consideration, it is possible to say that the world's heart will beat in Antalya during the Turkey G-20 Summit. Antalya has always been one of the focal points of the great civilizations in the world throughout the history just like today. Located in the most critical point of Mediterranean, Antalya enchants every traveler with its unique natural beauties and historical riches. Moreover, it is also an economically developed city that promises future to those who invest in her.

The city has two main airports which also serve private and business jets. The fame and the success of one of these, Antalya Airport is proven through the great popularity of the city and millions of foreign visitors it welcomes every year. Gazipaşa and Antalya airports, on the other hand, are both appropriate for handling private flights and premium services. The pearl of Mediterranean, ever-growing and ever-glowing city of Turkey, Antalya is now the center of the global economic forum which welcomes the world to this mesmerizing city.

For your convenience, Antalya G-20 business jet and private jet charters are among the wide range of aircraft chartering services Plures offers across Turkey and around the world. Promising the highest quality with the highest precision, our company is the most reliable center for to/from Antalya/Turkey business and private jet charters.


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