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International Aircraft Charter

Plures Air is a credible aviation company that is acclaimed around the world for providing extensive individualistic and corporative international aircraft chartering services. The international aircraft chartering services may be utilized for various important services and purposes. Plures Air aircrafts vary depending on their type, size and utilization purposes.

Options of Plures Air International Aircraft Chartering;

-Private passenger aircraft: Plures Air private passenger aircrafts offer its clients comfortable, safe, exclusive and qualified services for long or short ranged flights with a dedicated flight crew which operates with a unique service approach that is based on passenger safety and satisfaction. Contrary to the scheduled flights of commercial airlines private passenger aircrafts offer international flight services to individuals or corporations at desired dates and hours. This type of chartering service is mostly utilized in tour, company and football organizations as well as passenger transportations.

-Private jet aircraft: Plures Air private jet chartering service is generally preferred by celebrity, sportsmen, bureaucrats and business men for urgent and private flights. It is possible to benefit from this service as an individual or corporation on an international level. Jet chartering service eliminates the waiting process before or after flights and gains its clients time in their travels of business or vacation. Jet aircrafts are separated into three categories as Light, Midsized and Heavy Jets depending on their passenger capacity, flight range and costs.

-Private Cargo Aircraft: Plures Air cargo aircrafts provide 24/7 international chartering services for incorporate individuals or companies. The service enables the fast and safe transportation and delivery of cargos and large freights such as documents, parcels, packages, live animals or large equipments. Plures Air ensures the safe airport-to-airport transportation of each and every product trusted to its cargo aircraft chartering services without any setbacks such as breaking or damaging the cargo. To this day, the service has been utilized by numerous sales agents, private firms, public corporations, companies operating in the oil, construction and automotive sectors as well as the foundations of charity and help.

-Private Air Ambulances: Air Ambulances are the aircrafts equipped with the latest technology medical devices in order to enable the fast and safe transportation of patient(s) requiring emergency medical intervention from the nearest airport at departure point to the airport nearest to the destination hospital when means of highway transportation remain inefficient. This type of chartering service is preferred by many individuals, companies and medical corporations in cases of organ transportation, birth, natural disasters, explosion and similar other accidents on an international level. Air ambulances which are designed to provide international chartering services for every economy are separated into two groups as turboprop and jet engines.

For more details on Plures Air international aircraft chartering services you may visit Plures Air website or contact the multi-lingual and professional Plures Air crew dialing.

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